Bhopal / Indore Mass Rapid Transit

Bophal / Indore, India, 2014

The cities of Bhopal and Indore are business and industrial areas in central India. They  are witnessing extremely rapid growth leading to an expected doubling of population between 2020 (around 2m inhabitants each) and...more

Windhoek Urban Transport Pre-Feasibility Study

Windhoek/Namibia, 2014-2015

Bus network development and operations management Windhoek is the capital city of Namibia with currently about 350.000 inhabitants, but growing by about 4% per year. For a sustainable way of development the city...more

Riyadh Bus Project: Tendering Support

Riyadh/Saudi Arabia, 2012-2014

Riyadh, the capital of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is planning to establish an integrated Public Transport System to cope with the rapid growth of the city of around 7m inhabitants. After completion of the network development...more

Technical Assistance in Tendering the Intericty Bus Services in Saudi Arabia

Riyadh/Saudi Arabia, 2013-2014

Since more than 35 years government-backed Saudi Public Transport Company (SAPTCO) provides inter- and intra-city bus services in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia on an exclusive concession basis. SAPTCO has expanded its intercity...more

Jordan Public Transportation Master Plan, Phase 2

Jerash/Jordan, 2012

Presently most of Jordan short- and long-distance public transport services are bus transit. However scheduled services are rare: the journey starts as soon as the vehicle is full. Ticket prices are fixed but there is a variety...more

Design Support for 70% low-floor Mashhad LRV

Changchun/China, 2008 – 2011

China Northern Locomotive & Rolling Stock Corporation (CNR) was awarded the contract by MURCO Mashhad Railway Company, Iran to design, manufacture and supply 70% low floor LRVs for Line 1 of Mashhad Light Rail System. Under...more

Karaj Metro Line 2

Karaj/Iran, 2007–2011

The project task includes conceptual & basic design for the 24km underground metro line in the City of Karaj, Iran. The project is implemented within the framework of a turn-key EPC Contract awarded by the City of Karaj to...more

Passenger Transport System for Frankfurt International Airport

Frankfurt a.Main /Germany, 2005–2010

The project task includes elaboration of system concept and design of the new Passenger Transport System (PTS) at Frankfurt International Airport:

  • Comparative analysis of different system...more

RijnGouweLijn Oost Light Rail System

Leiden/ the Netherlands, 2004–2011

Leiden Light Rail Project is being carried out by a Joint Venture of LRTC and its Dutch partner Advin. The planned light rail section through the city of Leiden is a part of the constructed RijnGouwelijn rail link, the regional...more

Izmir Commuter Rail System

Izmir/Turkey, 2003–2011

The city of Izmir is the third biggest city of Turkey with the total population of over 3 Mio citizens. The public transport is dominated by bus services. Additionally a light rail line offers connection along the East-West...more

Riyadh Comprehensive Public Transport Bus Plan

Riyadh/Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, 2008–2010

After the completion of the pilot BRT study “Arriyadh Bus Design Project” by LRTC in 2008 Arriyadh Development Authority has decided to go forward with the development of a comprehensive Public Transit System in the...more

Privatization of Intercity Bus Passenger Services in Saudi Arabia

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, 2008-2010

Along with the overall development program for the Kingdom, the Government is striving to establish sustainable, attractive and economically viable intercity bus services throughout the country. This shall be achieved by...more

Riyadh BRT Design Project

Riyadh/Saudi Arabia 2007–2008

The city of Riyadh, capital of Saudi Arabia, is experiencing rapid growth in city population and boosting urban development. To secure the sustainable growth and ensue vital economy the city plans to implement an efficient bus...more

Low-floor tram procurement for Tirol Central Area

Innsbruck/Austria, 2000–2008

Innsbrucker Verkehrsbetriebe (IVB) is operating three urban tramway lines and the „Stubaitalbahn“. In the course of network enlargement within the scope of a regional tramway concept, the fleet, which is partly aged over 40...more

VALMETRO Integral System Test

Valencia/Venezuela, 2007

The Valmetro in Valencia / Venezuela opens regular passenger service in 2007. The actual system length is 6.2 km. Before starting revenue operation the total system including all subsystems has to pass a defined inspections and...more

Bus Master Plan

Dubai/UAE, 2006-2007

Dubai’s Road & Transport Authority  RTA is striving to establish  the “best Public Transport Services worldwide” both in reality and perception. It will be more attractive to its citizens than any other means of...more

Helsinki Metro Automated Operation Specification

Helsinki/Finland, 2006

Helsinki City Transport (HKL), the local transit authority, intends to introduce an Automatic Train Control and Signaling System for the Metro of Helsinki for Unattended Train Operation (UTO). UTO allows HKL flexible and safe...more

LRT Bergen Technical Specifications

Bergen/Norway, 2006

Preparation of technical specifications for the new LRT line Bergen with a length of 10.1 km in the first construction stage. LRTC Services:

  • Taking into account the local topographic situation and alignment, PB-Consult...more

Kaohsiung LRT System

Kaohsiung/Taiwan, 2005

Kaohsiung is the second biggest city of Taiwan with a population about 1.5 Mio. and the most important seaport on the island.

In 2006 a Metro System, consisting of two radial axes, has started...more

Brussels - Brabant LRT System Feasibility Study

Brussels/Belgium, 2005

The area of Brussels-Brabant plans to develop a modern public transport system to link the capital to its densely populated satellite towns. Project starts with the analysis of the first 2 directions: from the city of Brussels to...more

Heiterblick Light Rail Maintenance and Stabling Center

Leipzig/Germany, 2003-2005


  • Extensive Light Rail maintenance and stabling center to be installed on an area located round the eastern regions of the city of Leipzig
  • Planning includes heavy and light maintenance workshops,...more

Nuremberg Driverless Operated Metro System

Nuremberg/Germany, 1999-2005

LRTC Services:

  • System specification
  • Draft of technical specification for vehicles, track equipment and stations
  • Fire protection concept development
  • Implementation concept development...more

Valencia LRT System

Valencia/Venezuela, 1994-2002

Valencia is, besides Caracas and Maracaibo, the third biggest and the second most industrialized city of Venezuela. With its 2 million inhabitants the region needs an effective public transport system. For that purpose, the...more

Metro & LRT Technical Standards in China

China, 1999-2001

In 1997,  the Federal Republic of Germany and the Republic of China arranged an agreement for the technical co-operation about “Technical Standards for Metro and LRT-systems in China”. As a member of  the German...more

Metro vehicle depot & workshop for VAG Nuremberg

Nuremberg/Germany, 1998-2001

VAG Nürnberg builds a new depot & workshop  in Katzwanger Strasse, which will replace three existing facilities. This new depot & workshop will be specially adapted to the requirements of maintaining, servicing and...more

Driverless Vehicle Specifications for Wuppertal Suspension Railway

Wuppertal/Germany, 2000

LRTC Services:

  • System review
  • Vehicles and automatic operation technical specification
  • Elaboration of specification requirements for EU-wide call for tenders
  • Profound study of...more

Santiago de Chile LRT Pre-Feasibility Study

Santiago de Chile/Chile, 2000

The basic transit network in the capital of Chile with more than 5 million inhabitants consists of a metro system with three routes supplemented by an extensive bus network with 360 lines, which are partly operated at very short...more

Santo Domingo LRT Pre-Feasibility Study

Santo Domingo/Dominican Republic, 1999

The Dominican Republic is one of the rising nations in the Caribbean area. Its capital Santo Domingo with approx. 4.0 million inhabitants develops more and more into a modern large city. At present, roads with several lanes are...more

Vélez-Málaga Low-floor Tram Pre-Feasibility Study

Malága/Spain, 1999

About 30 km east of the City of Málaga  the towns of Vélez-Málaga and Torre del Mar, located in one of the tourist centers of Spain, are to be connected by a tram route. The length of the corridor will be about 5 km. At...more

Metro Bangkok Personnel Training

Bangkok/Thailand, 1999

The economic development of Bangkok, a city of some 7 million inhabitants, is proceeding very rapidly, and so does the daily traffic congestion in the city´s streets. As first step of improvements  the city authorities...more

Chicago Metro Vehicle Factory Inspections

Chicago/USA, 1999

On the occasion of the major overhaul of metro trains built by Boeing, 20 spare bogie frames had been ordered, for which the following works have been provided by LRTC:

  • Examinations of the welding and assembly jigs with...more

Audit Report for Zagreb Tram System

Zagreb/Croatia, 1998-1999

After the end of the war with Serbia, the transition to democracy and the opening towards the west, automobile traffic in Croatia increased considerably as in all former states of Eastern bloc. This led to great traffic problems,...more

Mumbai MRT System Feasibility Study

Mumbai/India, 1998-1999

Within the scope of a technical cooperation project between the Republic of India and the Federal Republic of Germany, the technical and economic feasibility of a rail-bound mass rapid transit system for the city of Mumbai has...more

Mashhad LRT Feasibility Study & Detailed Design

Mashhad/Iran, 1997-1999

Mashhad, the second largest city of Iran with approximately  2.2 million inhabitants needs an efficient urban public transport system. It is planned to build a light rail transit system which is mostly guided on a...more

Automatic Metro Copenhagen

Copenhagen/Denmark, 1996-1999

LRTC Services:

  • Technical system specification (partly)
  • Special expertise of automatic technology and vehicle protection
  • Bid assessment
  • System integration concept
  • Vehicle...more

Metro Guangzhou Operational Concept & Engineering

Guangzhou/China, 1994-1999

The planned Metro network of Guangzhou consists of 3 routes with interchange to 2 Light Rail lines.   Metro line 1 is 18.5 km long with 2 km at grade and contains 16 stations (2 at grade). Line 1 is operated with 120...more

Calgary LRT System Design & Engineering

Calgary/Canada, 1998

The largest city in the province of  Alberta, Calgary with about 800,000 inhabitants enjoys good acceptance of the existing 3-line LRT network A joint venture consisting of consultants, civil work contractors and suppliers...more

St. Louis LRV Factory Inspections

St.Louis/USA, 1991-1993;1997-1999

For the final acceptance inspections of the components of 31 + 10 light rail vehicles for St. Louis (manufactured in Germany at DUEWAG, Düsseldorf, and in Austria at SGP, Graz) the following works have been provided by LRTC:...more

Bandar Seri Begawan LRT System Feasibility Study

Bandar Seri Begawan/Brunei, 1997

Bandar Seri Begawan, the Capital of Brunei, is located in the geographical centre of the ASEAN region. The total population of Brunei is about 300,000 inhabitants. Within the context of the planned development of the Capital into...more

Mérida Public Transport Pre-feasibility Study

Mérida/Venezuela, 1997

The conurbation of  Mérida contains about 250.000 inhabitants. The city is located in the West of Venezuela in the Andes at a height of about 1.550 meters and  is also a centre of tourism. Because of the narrow streets,...more

Ankara LRT System Design, Engineering & Training

Ankara/Turkey, 1991-1997

The city of Ankara concluded to supplement its public transport system by a Light Rail system with a length of 9 km. For this project, LRTC has taken over the preliminary design of  the alignment, 11 stations, the depot and...more

Guayana MRT System Pre-Feasibility Study

Guayana/Venezuela, 1996

FThe commuter traffic from Puerto Ordaz and San Félix to the industrial areas of Matanzas and Ferrominera in the outskirts is mainly operated by buses of private transport companies. For financial as well as environmental reasons...more

Cali LRT System Feasibility Study

Cali/Colombia, 1996

The city of Cali with about 1.6 million inhabitants is one of the biggest cities in Colombia. The  LRT system for Cali as planned by LRTC has been developed in several stages. The main activities carried out by LRTC have...more

Trenes de Buenos Aires Train Protection and Operation Facilities

Buenos Aires/Argentina, 1995-1996

For the railway line of Trenes de Buenos Aires between Retiro and Suarez including the branch to Mitre, train protection and operation facilities have been planned. The line is about 20 km long, consists in parts of 4 tracks and...more

Airport Express, Lantau Metro Hong Kong: Evaluation of International Industry Standards

Hong Kong/China, 1994-1995

The design of the main traction machinery (electrical and mechanical) of the metro vehicles for the Airport Express Link to Hong Kong’s new Chek Lap Kok Airport as well as for the Lantau Line had been specified by a former...more

Guadalajara LRT System Design, Engineering, Training

Guadalajara/Mexico, 1987-1995

In the city of Guadalajara, the capital of the Mexican   state Jalisco, a light rail transit system has been implemented between 1989 and 1995 consisting of two lines and a total length of 25 km. The activities of LRTC...more

Guadalajara LRT Depot and Workshop Planning

Guadalajara/Mexico, 1992-1993

Together with the construction of the Light Rail line No. 2 in the city of Guadalajara, a depot and a maintenence workshop including stabling tracks have been built. On the depot area, apart from the heavy and light maintenance...more

Sacramento LRV Factory Inspection

Sacramento/USA, 1990

For the final acceptance inspection of the components of 10 light rail vehicles for Sacramento (manufactured in Germany  at DUEWAG, Düsseldorf) the following works have been provided by LRTC:

  • Testing, measuring and...more

Auckland LRT System Feasibility Study

Auckland/New Zealand, 1989-1990

The public transport system of the conurbation of Auckland  with about 1.0 million inhabitants consists mainly of a bus system. It is supplemented by railway and ferry services, however without any direct impact on the...more

Monterrey LRT Feasibility Study, Design & Engineering

Monterrey/Mexico, 1987-1990

Ordered by the operating company Metrorrey,  a light rail system for the city of Monterrey has been planned and built. For this system, LRTC has executed the design of trackwork, traction power supply, depot and...more

Konya LRT System Design, Engineering & Training

Konya/Turkey, 1986-1990

Konya is the capital of the Turkish province with the same name. Situated in Central-Anatolia, the city is changing into a significant industrial location. Consequently, the introduction of an extensive light rail system had been...more

Medellin Metro Operational Concept & Training

Medellin/Colombia, 1985-1990; 1994-1996

The works for the Metro System Medellin have been performed by a German-Spanish consortium. In the framework of this consortium, LRTC has been engaged during two different phases. While between 1985 and 1990 the operational...more

Pittsburgh LRV Factory Inspection

Pittsburgh/USA, 1983-1985

For the final acceptance inspection of the components of the 55 light rail vehicles for PAT Pittsburgh (manufactured in Germany at DUEWAG, Düsseldorf) the following works have been executed by LRTC:

  • Testing, measuring...more

Calgary LRV Factory Inspection

Calgary/Canada, 1978-1981

For the construction supervision and final customer inspection of about 50 light rail vehicles for Calgary (manufactured in Germany at DUEWAG, Düsseldorf), LRTC has executed the following works:

  • Construction supervision...more

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