Our team

The people behind LRTC are deeply committed to excellence in public transport. Our guiding principle: top-quality solutions for today, tomorrow – and far into the future.
A passion for the future of urban mobility.
With LRTC at your side, you can rely on a team of dedicated and absolutely independent experts in all relevant disciplines. Their experience in projects on every continent of the world combined with access to internationally leading technological knowledge makes them invaluable partners in public transport projects of all kinds. In addition, we actively ensure that our knowledge pool never stands still with continuous training and staff development.

Cooperation agreements with respected universities and active involvement in research & development projects as well as long-standing partnerships with strong local players in the international market further back up our expertise base. But above all, the professionals that make up LRTC are characterised by a wholehearted commitment to holistic, future-oriented urban and regional transport. With an approach that is as pragmatic and result-driven as it is visionary, we work with our clients to realise solutions today to tomorrow’s mobility needs.

Tailored teams, tailored solutions.
Planning, engineering, IT, construction, management, financing – the specific consulting needs that arise in public transport projects can vary widely. Yet some demands remain the same: day in, day out, systems must operate at a high quality and service level while consistently meeting evolving mobility requirements for many years to come. Whichever types of support your project demands, we will assemble a team that concentrates leading know-how in precisely those disciplines called for to realise your vision.
No more and no less.

The LRTC formula for success in meeting mobility requirements on a long-term basis: a combination of farsighted planning excellence, continuous monitoring and modernisation.