From initial ideas to implementation and operation – LRTC is at your side. Our integrated consulting not only covers all project stages, but also takes into account the needs and expectations of all parties involved or affected.  
Mastering local challenges with global know-how.
Feasibility and long-term viability depend on how precisely a system is matched to individual, local needs. At the same time, experience from international projects is an invaluable asset in local problem-solving. We consistently apply this global know-how, adapting best practices and best- in-class solutions to master the specific challenges our clients face.

Strong ideas, strong backing.
With a deep understanding of our client’s present and future needs and plans, we systematically analyse the social, economic, political and environmental context. By securing broad consensus and support for your plans, we help dismantle potential obstacles from the outset. As independent experts, LRTC consultants can play a central mediating role in political dialogue. Our experience, research activities and collaboration with respected institutes form a solid foundation for realistic and result- oriented discussion.

In cooperation with clients and local partners, we conduct comprehensive research into passenger needs and future trends. All available options – technologies, modes, suppliers – are considered from an absolutely neutral perspective with just one objective in mind: a perfect combination of cost- effectiveness, service quality and long-term viability. From market studies to business plans, LRTC lays the groundwork for excellence in public transport. And with proven marketing concepts, tariff structures and transportation plans, we help you deliver outstanding service right from the beginning.

– Feasibility studies
– Market surveys
– System evaluations
– Transportation plans
– Environmental assessments
– Cost-benefit analyses
– Lifecycle analyses

– System layouts
– Operation concepts
– Design standards
– Safety and rescue concepts
– Rolling stock and maintenance
– IT solutions
– Tariff structures
– Financing strategies and
   business plans
– Project development and
   procurement strategies
– Public private partnership
   (PPP) strategies