Top-quality engineering is at the heart of every reliable and forward-looking public transport system. Only an infrastructure conceived and realised precisely in line with real-life operational needs can win wide-scale acceptance and stand up to the test of time.

One source, complete project solutions.
As a German-based company, we draw on the vast engineering know-how of a globally leading centre of technology, quality and innovation. In addition, our experts are equipped with hands-on experience in day-to-day operation and maintenance of transit systems throughout the world. That means we are in an ideal position to support our clients in applying the highest standards of passenger service, safety, performance and reliability in implementing solutions of all types and sizes.

Based on our comprehensive expertise and global reach, we can assume responsibility for managing all engineering aspects of your project, including coordination and supervision of all suppliers and service providers. As an independent, internationally experienced company in turnkey project management, LRTC provides objective quality control and project oversight.

High-tech systems, down-to-earth approach.
State of the art operation, automation and driverless technologies – LRTC is equipped with the experience and know-how to enable you to master all the operational, technical and safety challenges of new-generation urban mobility. With advanced technologies like computer aided dispatching and automatic vehicle management, automatic passenger information and fare collection systems, intelligent transport systems build the basis for innovative and integrated public transport solutions. You can offer passengers safe and reliable services combined with world-class comfort and convenience, while at the same time optimising your organisation’s efficiency. Take advantage of our experience and utilise the most advanced solutions without risk of compromising reliability.

– Route and track alignment
– Permanent way, tunnels and
– Stations, terminals and
   transfer facilities
– Depots and workshops
– Bus lanes

– Electric power supply
– Overhead contact lines and
   contact rail systems
– Signalling and
– Automated train control
– Vehicle technologies
– Public address, safety and
   security systems
– Intelligent transport systems
– Automatic fare collection
– Real-time passenger