Riyadh Comprehensive Public Transport Bus Plan

Riyadh/Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, 2008–2010

After the completion of the pilot BRT study “Arriyadh Bus Design Project” by LRTC in 2008 Arriyadh Development Authority has decided to go forward with the development of a comprehensive Public Transit System in the city.

Comprehensive Public Transport Bus Plan Project is based on the results of the first study but has the task to design an integrated system including Bus Rapid Transit, Conventional Bus and Feeder Bus services in detail and full scope.

The project includes the following work packages:

  • Demand estimation under consideration of population growth and city developments for year 2020
  • Definition of detailed bus network layout according to the ridership computations and transportation patterns
  • Traffic assessment and estimation of modal split shifting (VISUM software)
  • Detailed Operation & Maintenance concept
  • Detailed design & engineering of:
    • route infrastructure (bus lanes, stations, transfer facilities, park & ride facilities)
    • ITS systems including OCC, AVM, RTPI and AFC systems (option: Journey Planner)
    • vehicles & maintenance facilities (depot & workshop)
    • bus priority construction measures
  • Economical feasibility & cost-benefit analysis
  • Financial Appraisal & detailed implementation plan
  • Preparation of Tender Documents for a DBOM project
  • Institutional set-up of Riyadh Public Transport Authority 
  • PPP & legal advice

Client: Arriyadh Development Authority (ADA)