Passenger Transport System for Frankfurt International Airport

Frankfurt a.Main /Germany, 2005–2010

The project task includes elaboration of system concept and design of the new Passenger Transport System (PTS) at Frankfurt International Airport:

  • Comparative analysis of different system solutions
  • Tender preparation and assistance during the tendering procedure

Hereby LRTC performs the following services:

  • System design, evaluation of different technical and operational concepts
  • Evaluation of investment volumes and Life Cycle Costs
  • System proposal
  • Simulation of different operational concepts
  • Evaluation of different construction phases
  • Design of connection between the PTS and the existing railway station
  • Vehicle design
  • Planning of workshop and depot
  • Evacuation and rescue concepts
  • Tender preparation and invitation for bids Consultancy support in regard to negotiations and contract award


Client: Frankfurt International Airpot Fraport AG