Kaohsiung LRT System

Kaohsiung/Taiwan, 2005

Kaohsiung is the second biggest city of Taiwan with a population about 1.5 Mio. and the most important seaport on the island.

In 2006 a Metro System, consisting of two radial axes, has started operation. It serves as a backbone of the overall urban transport system and includes a link to the newly constructed high speed railway line.

The next step in development of the urban transport infrastructure shall be made by an at grade Light Rail System. The first route is a circle, partly using former railway routes.


This circle will be served by two separate lines: the more busy line 1 on the northern, eastern and southern section and the less occupied line 2 on the western section. In peak hours Line 1 will be operated with double-car trains of about 70m at a headway of 5 min. Line 2 will be operated for the present with single-car trains at a headway of 10 min.

LRTC as subconsultant to SINOTECH, General Consultant of the Client, has delivered the following services:

  • Specification of the design criteria for the rolling stock and fixed equipment
  • Preliminary design for
    • operation concept
    • rolling stock
    • power supply
    • signalling and communication
    • depot and workshops
    • fare collection
    • alignment and trackwork.

Client: Mass Rapid Transit Bureau, Kaohsiung City/Taiwan