VALMETRO Integral System Test

Valencia/Venezuela, 2007

The Valmetro in Valencia / Venezuela opens regular passenger service in 2007. The actual system length is 6.2 km.

Before starting revenue operation the total system including all subsystems has to pass a defined inspections and tests program.

LRTC is in charge for the methodology and program for this inspections and tests for the system as a whole:

  • Functionality of the overall system (all subsystem interfaces)
  • Performance of the overall system (normal / degraded modes)
  • Stability / Safety of the overall system (train operation and passenger transfer)
  • Safety of the overall system
  • Success trial run of the system under defined conditions including all subsystems
  • Equipment of Yard and Workshops
  • Track Work
  • Rolling Stock-Power Supply
  • Overhead Catenary System
  • Signaling and Telecommunication


Client: Siemens TS, Berlin/Germany