Bus Master Plan

Dubai/UAE, 2006-2007

Dubai’s Road & Transport Authority  RTA is striving to establish  the “best Public Transport Services worldwide” both in reality and perception. It will be more attractive to its citizens than any other means of transportation and it will serve as a role model for governments, mobility experts, public transport companies around the globe. Dubai’s bus services – as an integral and essential part of mobility- will change the thinking about the role of bus systems within urban traffic internationally.

A German Consortium of 5 consultant companies has been awarded the contract, whereas LRTC group has taken the lead in the following work packages:

WP 1. Vehicles: Definition of technical requirements, elaboration of technical specifications and preparing of tender documents for all bus vehicle types to be procured by the Client.

WP2. Alternative transport technologies: The task is aimed at elaboration of innovative vehicle and fuel concepts to develop a top-modern, state-of-the-art and environmental friendly transportation system for Dubai.  

Client: Dubai Rioad and Transport Authority (RTA)