Valencia LRT System

Valencia/Venezuela, 1994-2002

Valencia is, besides Caracas and Maracaibo, the third biggest and the second most industrialized city of Venezuela. With its 2 million inhabitants the region needs an effective public transport system. For that purpose, the stepwise implementation of a Light Rail Transit system with tunnel sections has been decided.

The services of LRTC refer to the complete system (3 lines, network length 50 km, 250 vehicles, 2 depots) and have included:

  • Feasibility study
  • System and operational concept
  • Planning of construction phases

For the first phase (one line, 7 km, 12 vehicles, 1 depot) LRTC has been responsible for trackwork,  stations, power supply and telecommunication, depot and workshops, specified according to

  • basic engineering
  • detailed engineering
  • construction supervision


Client: Siemens STS/USA; Municipality Valencia/Venezuela