Metro & LRT Technical Standards in China

China, 1999-2001

In 1997,  the Federal Republic of Germany and the Republic of China arranged an agreement for the technical co-operation about “Technical Standards for Metro and LRT-systems in China”.

As a member of  the German Chinese Standardisation Group, LRTC has executed the following tasks:

  • System standardisation
    • Summary of international standards with regard to special standards for Metro and LRT-systems in China
    • Proposals for the development of  new guidelines and standards as well as suitability check of already existing Chinese standards
    • Support of the introduction of the elaborated standards  becoming legal force
    • Proposals for the integration of these standards into a  data bank
    • Generation of the data bank
    • Preparation of further development of the standards.
    • Consulting to the Chinese experts in all matters concerning operation, power supply, signalling, station facilities and rail vehicle technology
    • Support of the formulation of standards and the elaboration of specifications and tender documents
    • Execution of  workshops and preparation of training seminars


Client: GTZ - Society for Technical Co-Operation, Germany; Ministry of Construction, Peking/China