Santiago de Chile LRT Pre-Feasibility Study

Santiago de Chile/Chile, 2000

The basic transit network in the capital of Chile with more than 5 million inhabitants consists of a metro system with three routes supplemented by an extensive bus network with 360 lines, which are partly operated at very short headways .

In order to improve the traffic conditions in general within the city and in particular along the bus corridors served at high frequencies, light rail systems have been proposed for several corridors at two categories referring to express and urban light rail.

The essential steps of LRTC work have been:

  • Analysis of the actual situation and identification of the main problems
  • Strategy for situation improvement including formulation of priorities
  • Conception of an integrated public transport system
  • Proposal for a hierarchic mass transit system (suburban railways, metro, express light rail, urban light rail, important bus axes)
  • Proposal for the stepwise implementation of the light rail system


Client: Siemens AG