Metro Bangkok Personnel Training

Bangkok/Thailand, 1999

The economic development of Bangkok, a city of some 7 million inhabitants, is proceeding very rapidly, and so does the daily traffic congestion in the city┬┤s streets.

As first step of improvements  the city authorities have launched  a turn-key metro project in the CBD ordered from a Consortium consisting of Siemens and Italian Thai Development. The so-called Bangkok Transit System (BTS) has two lines: the Silom line with a length of 6.3 km including 6 stations and the Sukhumvit line with a length of  16.8 km including 16 stations. Operation of both lines has started in December 1999.

Within the scope of an engineering contract, LRTC had been given the task to prepare the commissioning of the Operation Control Center (OCC) of BTS and to carry out the instruction and training of the operational staff.

The services provided by LRTC have been:

  • Instruction and training of OCC staff
  • Supervision of test operation


Client: Siemens AG