Calgary LRT System Design & Engineering

Calgary/Canada, 1998

The largest city in the province of  Alberta, Calgary with about 800,000 inhabitants enjoys good acceptance of the existing 3-line LRT network

A joint venture consisting of consultants, civil work contractors and suppliers of electromechanical equipment proposed on a turn-key basis an extensions of all three lines (totally about 12 km) as well as the re-alignment in the city centre including changes of the workshop, the depot and the operation control centre (OCC).

The Calgary Municipal Government decided to proceed with the extension of only one line, based on that proposal.

LRTC designed the traction and stationary power supply system and the signalling installations for all proposed extensions and the re-alignment in the city centre. Additionally, LRTC planned the changes of the workshop and the depot.


Client: Calgary LRT Extension Joint Venture/Canada