Mashhad LRT Feasibility Study & Detailed Design

Mashhad/Iran, 1997-1999

Mashhad, the second largest city of Iran with approximately  2.2 million inhabitants needs an efficient urban public transport system.

It is planned to build a light rail transit system which is mostly guided on a separated right-of-way and shall be operated partly underground.

The initial operation of the system shall start with second-hand vehicles of Rheinbahn, Düsseldorf.

LRTC has been instructed to carry out the basic design of the total system and the detailed design of the first phase of the system (6.5 km in length) including the following items:

  • Track installations, street profiles and stations
  • Power supply installations (catenary system and rectifier substations)
  • Signalling installations and facilities for traffic light preemption
  • Telecommunication facilities
  • Depot and workshops for heavy and


Client: Mashhad Urban Railway Corporation, Mashhad/Iran