Metro Guangzhou Operational Concept & Engineering

Guangzhou/China, 1994-1999

The planned Metro network of Guangzhou consists of 3 routes with interchange to 2 Light Rail lines.   Metro line 1 is 18.5 km long with 2 km at grade and contains 16 stations (2 at grade).

Line 1 is operated with 120 vehicles (6-car trains). The max. capacity at a 2 min headway is 56,000 pphd (passengers per hour and direction). The commercial speed is about 35 km/h.

LRTC has carried out the following services:

  • Elaboration of the operational concept
  • Checking of documents concerning the electro-technical parts with regard to completeness, compatibility and consistence
  • Management of operational and technical interfaces between the various parts of electrical engineering (power supply, signalling, train protection, train controlling, telecommunication, ticketing, ticketing control techniques)
  • Planning and organisation of test operation
  • Elaboration of manuals for maintenance of the vehicles


Client: Guangzhou Metro Corporation, Guangzhou/China; Siemens AG/Germany