Guayana MRT System Pre-Feasibility Study

Guayana/Venezuela, 1996

FThe commuter traffic from Puerto Ordaz and San FĂ©lix to the industrial areas of Matanzas and Ferrominera in the outskirts is mainly operated by buses of private transport companies. For financial as well as environmental reasons a rail-bound approach had been taken into consideration.

In this context it had to be analysed which system should be favoured to improve public transport in Guayana. The two alternatives have been either a metro-like suburban rail system (as described in an existing study) or a new LRT system which would also improve the inner city public transport.

The services of LRTC have included the following:

  • Review of the existing study about the metro-like suburban rail system
  • Analysis of the present situation and the expected development
  • Elaboration of alternative concepts with regard to the changed influence factors:
    • Adaptation of the existing concept
    • Conceptual design of a first LRT line based on the forecast of passenger demand -Operational concept for the first LRT line
    • Cost estimation.
  • Recommendations for the implementation of the LRT system


Client: ETEC GmbH, Essen/Germany