Cali LRT System Feasibility Study

Cali/Colombia, 1996

The city of Cali with about 1.6 million inhabitants is one of the biggest cities in Colombia. The  LRT system for Cali as planned by LRTC has been developed in several stages. The main activities carried out by LRTC have been as follows:

  • Evaluation of corridors relevant for LRT services (demand forecast, comparative evaluation of the corridors)
  • Development of an integrated public transport system (alternative technologies, constructional and operational measures, future trip volumes)Alignment design of the first light rail route
  • Preliminary design of tracks and stations, power supply, depot and workshops
  • Cost-benefit-analysis for the first light rail route
  • Maintenance concept for the light rail vehicles
  • Outline of organisational structures
  • Financing and contracting proposals


Client: City Council of Cali/Colombia