Mérida Public Transport Pre-feasibility Study

Mérida/Venezuela, 1997

The conurbation of  Mérida contains about 250.000 inhabitants. The city is located in the West of Venezuela in the Andes at a height of about 1.550 meters and  is also a centre of tourism. Because of the narrow streets, partially  with steep gradient and 18 bus companies with more than 900 buses, traffic congestion and air pollution is a serious problem. Consequently, the improvement of  public transport services is urgently necessary.

The services carried out by LRTC have been as follows:

  • Analysis and evaluation of the current situation (urban pattern, inhabitants, transport demand, public transport supply)
  • Comparative evaluation of transport alternatives  (heavy rail, light rail, trolleybus, bus, minibus, cable-liner)
  • Development of an integrated public transport system with light rail transit as backbone and a bus system as feeder service
  • Preliminary design of the first implementation phase of the LRT system, including especially
    • integration of the technical systems into urban landscape 
    • proposal for LRT vehicle design - preliminary operational concept
    • cost estimate


Client: Siemens AG/Germany