Trenes de Buenos Aires Train Protection and Operation Facilities

Buenos Aires/Argentina, 1995-1996

For the railway line of Trenes de Buenos Aires between Retiro and Suarez including the branch to Mitre, train protection and operation facilities have been planned. The line is about 20 km long, consists in parts of 4 tracks and is operated by mixed train types. Main emphasis was put on the signal cabin for the nine-track stub terminal in Retiro connected with the four-track line section including switch point.

In detail, the following services have been carried out by LRTC:

  • Check of the operational preconditions
  • Calculation of the dynamics of vehicle movement
  • Elaboration of a technical facility concept including:
    • signal cabin building form (SICAS)
    • equipment for grade crossings
    • structure of operation control centre
    • integration of the central signal cabin


Client: Siemens AG/Germany