Medellin Metro Operational Concept & Training

Medellin/Colombia, 1985-1990; 1994-1996

The works for the Metro System Medellin have been performed by a German-Spanish consortium. In the framework of this consortium, LRTC has been engaged during two different phases. While between 1985 and 1990 the operational planning has been prepared, the phase from 1994 to 1996 focused on the training of personnel for time- tabling and duty rostering as well as on the elaboration of time-tables and duty rosters for the initial operation phase of the Metro Medellin. The first section of the Metro system has been opened in 1995.

The main activities carried out by LRTC have been:

  • Conceptual system design
  • Transformation of transport demand data into operational requirements
  • Preparation of the operational concept
  • Specification of requirements for fixed installations of the stations
  • Dimensioning of the station facilities
  • Design of operational rooms including equipment
  • Development of strategies for overcoming of operational disturbances
  • Preparation of time-tables and duty rosters
  • Training of staff for time-tabling and duty rostering


Client: ETMVA - Empresa de Transporta Masico del Valle de Aburra Ltd., Medellin/Colombia; DE-Consult GmbH, Frankfurt a.M./Germany