Guadalajara LRT Depot and Workshop Planning

Guadalajara/Mexico, 1992-1993

Together with the construction of the Light Rail line No. 2 in the city of Guadalajara, a depot and a maintenence workshop including stabling tracks have been built.

On the depot area, apart from the heavy and light maintenance workshops, a central store as well as an administration and operation building have been provided. Additionally, a turn-around loop and a test track have been installed.

The folloving activities of LRTC have been included in the design work:

  • Design and electronic axle calculation of depot and workshop tracks
  • Longitudional section of the entrance, exit, stabling, workshop and turn-around tracks
  • Design of the ancillary workshop including positioning of the machineries
  • Specification of the machinery equipment
  • Description of the maintenance works and procedures


Client: State Government of Jalisco/Mexiko; Siemens AG/Germany