Auckland LRT System Feasibility Study

Auckland/New Zealand, 1989-1990

The public transport system of the conurbation of Auckland  with about 1.0 million inhabitants consists mainly of a bus system. It is supplemented by railway and ferry services, however without any direct impact on the accessibility of the inner city.

The purpose of the feasibility study has been to investigate the possibilities of the implementation of a light rail transit system using the tracks of  the existing railway system.

The main parts of the study prepared by LRTC have been:

  • Elaboration of an operational concept (route concept, routing of lines, frequencies, capacities, mode of operation, alignment and stations, vehicle fleet size)
  • Specification of the safety regulations (legal, constructional, operational) including supervision of mixed operation
  • Preliminary design of the first implementation stage (guide-way, stations, vehicles, depot/workshop, power supply, signalling, telecommunication, ticketing system, feeder bus system)
  • Cost estimation (capital costs, operational costs)


Client: Auckland Regional Council, Auckland/New Zealand