Monterrey LRT Feasibility Study, Design & Engineering

Monterrey/Mexico, 1987-1990

Ordered by the operating company Metrorrey,  a light rail system for the city of Monterrey has been planned and built.

For this system, LRTC has executed the design of trackwork, traction power supply, depot and workshops.

In addition, construction supervision, quality control and acceptance tests of the light rail vehicles have been performed as well as the training of the executive staff for planning, operation and maintenance.

At present, the light rail system of Monterrey consists of two lines with a route length of 23 km in total from which 5.6 km including 6 stations are located underground and the remaining 17.4 km including 17 stations are positioned on elevated structures.

With 70 motor vehicles (6-axled, articulated cars) up to 7,200 pphd (passengers per hour and direction) are carried at present.


Client: Metrorrey, Monterrey/Mexiko