Konya LRT System Design, Engineering & Training

Konya/Turkey, 1986-1990

Konya is the capital of the Turkish province with the same name. Situated in Central-Anatolia, the city is changing into a significant industrial location. Consequently, the introduction of an extensive light rail system had been planned. The first section at surface with a length of 18 km including 29 stations has been built gradually  till 1996   and is operated since then. Operation started with second-hand vehicles from Cologne.

The works of LRTC started with the system design and the development of the operational concept. Based on that, preliminary and detailed design, preparation of tender documents and construction supervision have been executed for the following system components:

  • Permanent way and stations
  • Telecommunication facilities
  • Workshop facilities (including equipment)

Moreover, preliminary design for the following system components has been executed:

  • Single signalling units
  • Traction power supply installations and
  • Operation control centre

Finally, LRTC trained the executive personnel of operation and workshops.


Client: City of Konya/Turkey; Siemens AG/Germany