Design Support for 70% low-floor Mashhad LRV

Changchun/China, 2008 – 2011

China Northern Locomotive & Rolling Stock Corporation (CNR) was awarded the contract by MURCO Mashhad Railway Company, Iran to design, manufacture and supply 70% low floor LRVs for Line 1 of Mashhad Light Rail System.

Under general agreement between CNR, LRTC and the end-customer, LRTC provided technical support for CNR with regard to state-of-the-art car body design and compliance with MURCO specifications as well as with actual standards of urban rail technology, represented by respective European norms, German guidelines and worldwide applications. The review was mainly focused on car body design and interface optimization related to components supplied by European sub-suppliers.

As major project deliverable the design-check manual was elaborated to identify the areas of weak quality with respect to the world market and to give directions how to utilize European experience and innovation for the improvement of CNR urban rail car design and manufacture.

The resulting comprehensive review allowed to balance the effects and impacts of European quality adjustments and helped CNR to come to more differentiated decisions about the design strategies under close consideration of the existing local manufacture and legislation environment.


Client: CNR - Chinese Rolling Stock Co.