Jordan Public Transportation Master Plan, Phase 2

Jerash/Jordan, 2012

Presently most of Jordan short- and long-distance public transport services are bus transit. However scheduled services are rare: the journey starts as soon as the vehicle is full.

Ticket prices are fixed but there is a variety of payment metods. There are no defined bus stops on the route and it is not possible to plan your journey in advance. It is assumed that there is a growth potential for passenger numbers in line with future service improvements.

The Jordan Public Transportation Master Plan, aimed at optimization of bus services, was initiated by the national transport authority LTRC. During Phase 1 of the project a concept for a statewide bus system with service hierarchy, unified tariffs and ticketing, defined bus stops and operating schedules was developed.

During Phase 2 the proposed concept is transferred and implemented on the Jerash Governorate service area, which comprises more than 40 bus lines.

The project scope includes mainly the following services:

  • comprehensive survey of passenger bus services in the study area
  • introduction of the network hierarchy
  • network optimization & operation concept
  • advice on fare & subsidy policies; fare structures
  • development of a comprehensive operational and financial model
  • anaylsis of contract options; elaboration of contractual framework
  • guidelines on passenger information systems

A special challenge for the project implementation is to smoothly introduce new regulations and to successfully introduce improvements to the practices that are presently common among bus operating companies and their passengers. 

Client: Land Transport Regulatory Commission (LTRC), Jordan