Riyadh Bus Project: Tendering Support

Riyadh/Saudi Arabia, 2012-2014

Riyadh, the capital of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is planning to establish an integrated Public Transport System to cope with the rapid growth of the city of around 7m inhabitants.

After completion of the network development performed by our partner LRTC Arriyadh Development Authority being in charge of the traffic development projects decided to go forward with the tendering process which was awarded to LRTC.

The comprehensive network to be stepwise established in 2016-2017 comprises 6 Metro Lines, 5 BRT Lines, 17 Community Lines as well as about 100 Feeder Lines.

The total bus network will be of 1,100 km length; around 1,000 buses will perform a total of 80m annual km. The operation contract worth more than 2bn $ will be signed for 10 years and will comprise the operation as well as procurement and maintenance of buses and depots.

Based on the previous projects LRTC performed the following services:

- Project management in close cooperation with the client

- Coordination of infrastructure and ITS interfaces

- Coordination of infrastructure design (terminals, stations, bus lanes, …)

- Preparation and performance of the public tender process (negotiation process with prior prequalification)

- Development of technical and commercial specifications for the operated buses (Articulated, Standard, Midi, Feeder)

- Definition of eligibility and assessment criteria

- Handling of Q&As

- Intensive evaluation and assessment of submitted proposals

- Preparation of qualified recommendation for award

- Preparation of award and mobilization phase