Technical Assistance in Tendering the Intericty Bus Services in Saudi Arabia

Riyadh/Saudi Arabia, 2013-2014

Since more than 35 years government-backed Saudi Public Transport Company (SAPTCO) provides inter- and intra-city bus services in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia on an exclusive concession basis.

SAPTCO has expanded its intercity service to cover most cities in the Kingdom. The intercity passenger traffic has witnessed a phenomenal growth during the late 1990s, both in service offer and in ridership figures, followed by a steady moderate growth afterwards. Current intercity bus network is geographically well spread and includes the total of 110 bus lines through about 400 daily trips, connecting all major destinations in the Kingdom either as termini or as intermediate stops.

In the course of envisaged market liberalization the MOT had prepared the tendering of these services on a public basis, guided by related studies performed by LRTC.

Based on previous examinations LRTC performs the following services:

- Adaptation of concepts for market liberalization and related risk assessment

- Selection of line bundles to form separate tender lots based on various criteria

- Definition eligibility and assessment criteria

- Preparation of documents for Expression of Interest (EOI)

- Performance of Prequalification Process and identification of eligible applicants

- Preparation of tender documents

(technical, operational and commercial aspects)