Izmir Commuter Rail System officially opened

LRTC majorly contributed to the project success

On 6th of March 2011 the new Izmir Commuter Rail System was officially opened in presence of the Prime Minister of the Republic of Turkey Mr. Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, the Minister of Transport and the Turkish opposition leader. The official opening was preceded by several months of trial runs. Single line sections have been put into op-eration sequently since 30th August  2010.

The present network consists of two lines with the overall length of 80 km. The Northern line provides access to the residential and industrial areas to the East and to the North of the Gulf of Izmir and goes further 30 km to link the neighbouring mu-nicipality of Aliağa. The Southern line connects the Southern city areas and the Izmir International Airport.

33 new electrical trainsets serve 31 railway stations, most of which have been newly constructed. During peak hours the trains operate as coupled 2-car-train with 15-minutes headway.

LRTC GmbH, consulting & engineering company based in Düsseldorf, Germany, was majorly involved in the design and implementation of the system. LRTC team was responsible for the development of the operation concept as well as for design, speci-fication, procurement support and production supervision of rolling stock, depot area, workshop and station equipment.

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