Bophal / Indore Mass Rapid Transit Project

The cities of Bhopal and Indore are business and industrial areas in central India. They  are witnessing extremely rapid growth leading to an expected doubling of population between 2020 (around 2m inhabitants each) and 2040.

In both cities a Mass Rapid Transit System (MRTS) with a Metro network as backbone is under development to cope with the future challenges. Preliminary studies have been performed and lead to the decision in favor of a Light Metro on independent right of way and network lengths of around 75 km each.

LRTC is involved in the project as international expert for specific operational-related design aspects and acts as a subcontractor to the main contractor Rohit Associates Architects & Engineers.  The services include the elaboration of operation & maintenance concept, including definition of the operational timetable, requirements on rolling stock figures and capacity, dimensioning of workshop & stabling areas and elaboration of basic workshop concept.

The services are performed in 2014 and include site visits by LRTC experts especially for data collection and on-site examination of available land plots for maintenance facilities.  

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