Oman Public Transport Conference (copy 1)

A two-day conference on Oman Public Transport took place in Muscat / Sultanate of Oman under the patronage of H.E. Sheikh Mohammed bin Said bin Saif Al-Kalbani on Monday, October 13th and Tuesday October 14th 2014. This Conference addressed the Status Quo of the Visions and Strategies for the Oman Public Transport Systems and provided guidelines and approaches for the next strategic steps based on the international best practice. This was the first such event in Oman and it clearly shows the serious efforts of the Sultanate to take a step towards the future and to introduce a modern top-quality public transport system.

LRTC has a 30-year history in development and implementation of urban and regional public transport projects worldwide. We were invited to participate and were proud to contribute to the conference with one expert presentation, moderation of panel discussions and of the 2nd conference day.

Mr. Ulrich Luedtke, LRTC Managing Director of LRTC, moderated an expert panel addressing the challenges and the strategies for the Oman Public Transport Master Plan. He was also the chairperson to moderate the second day of the conference leading through the program and providing the closing remarks. (photo)

Mr. Marc Herkenrath, Senior Consultant of LRTC, provided a presentation addressing the benefits of high-quality public transport for society, economy and tourism and gave insights in LRTC recent experience in Riyadh Public Transport Development. Mr. Herkenrath moderated also the Industry Panel addressing the challenges and prospects of the Public Transport industry.

The valuable hands-on experience and the recommendations on public transport system design, gained by LRTC from the recent public transport development project in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, were herewith transferred to the Omani audience and will support the decision makers in future projects planning for Muscat and other cities of the Sultanate.

All in all, an event that will boost the Sultanate’s ambitions towards a modern public transport infrastructure for the benefit of the society.

For details and the conference program please check the event website.